About us

Starlify is an integration collaboration platform that speeds up integration delivery for digitalizing organizations. The platform is built by the integration specialists at Entiros Integrations.


The (bird) vision that started it all

The starting point of Starlify was in 2017. As integration specialists, we pinpointed overview as the missing ingredient when working with large application networks.

We were already using the best registration methods. But we dreamt of a tool where you could instantly see dependencies, reusable services, and how the data flows in a network of applications.

Our founder, Gustav, even had a vision of a software that makes developers integrate with synchronization. Almost like flocks of starlings (called murmurations).

That’s why we, with more than 12 years of experience in integrations, developed Starlify as a solution for businesses wanting to fulfill their digital potential.
“We are here to enable openness and to organize the world's application networks. ”

Gustav Rosén

Founder & CEO, Starlify & Entiros

About Entiros Integrations

Entiros is the leading system integration company in Sweden. With openness as the constant objective, we challenge the integration industry and create connectivity for global enterprises.

Entiros’ service and product portfolio facilitate a fully integrated business, from agile integration delivery to certifying integrators and providing state-of-the-art integration organization and visualization software, Starlify. Because openness enables innovation.

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