Visualize your data source connections in stunning application networks to bring discoverability and insight to your organization.


Get the power of visual perspective in your organization

Starlify lets you visualize everything from integrations to people and see how it's all connected. When you know the current state of your integration landscape - you can take action based on the knowledge and collaborate towards a target state. 

Let everyone follow your initiatives, regardless of department or knowledge about your IT environment. 



Instant insights

Find your initiatives faster and make confident decisions based on them.

Seeing is believing

Visualize your integration landscape to discover dependencies.

Stay on the same page

Make confident decisions faster by having a shared picture across your organization.

Live update

Work and collaborate in real-time, and watch your integration landscape grow.


Make your integration process more productive

Understand the overall integration architecture and how different systems and components fit together. Find bottlenecks, areas of risk, and opportunities for optimization, and quickly see where improvements can be made. Identify dependencies and relationships to avoid issues during the integration process. 

Organize for insight

Organize your integration assets in open, visualized networks, and gain valuable insights into your initiatives and integration projects.

See what you have

Map out your application network in Starlify, and easily see which services you have and need, and how the data flows.



Deliver on time

Make reliable predictions and identify bottlenecks by having a full control over dependency chains in your integration landscape.


Check out some other features in Starlify


Boost your efficiency and productivity, and work together towards a complete and updated integration landscape.

Distributed Integrations

Empower your business users and developers to create self-on-demand integrations without going through the IT department every, single, time.

Organization Management

See the engagements between your organization and your applications, so that you know who to communicate and collaborate with.

Application Networking

Enable your organization to integrate your systems and applications and create seamless and efficient workflows that support your business processes.


Get a high-level overview of your organization and easily discover and access all integration capabilities and resources to make confident decisions.

The power of our API

Enjoy the flexibility and power of Starlify's API. Connect existing tech, discover new ones, and build your tailored integration solution. 

Start your journey right now

Speed up your digitalization and enable growth with Starlify.