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In the fast-changing world of retail and e-commerce, being able to adopt and create connectivity fast is essential. Starlify enables retailers to increase efficiency, while keeping costs down.


Because speed is everything in a digital world

Be available for new markets

Outclass your competitors and be the first to reach new markets by having a structured and open application network, easily sourced and connected with.

Easy to go omni-channel

Exceed your customer’s expectations in their omni-channel shopping experiences. Use Starlify to identify your opportunities and to keep track of your integration landscape.

Be more flexible

Get in control with self-service abilities that let you adapt quickly to changes, competition, or customer demands.

Improve the customer’s digital experience

Ensure you have the right integrations for a seamless digital experience across channels. It will keep your customers coming back.

Lower your costs on integrations

With Starlify you will be able to streamline development, reuse services, and to future-proof your integrations which speed up delivery by 10 times.

Go from mess to structure

Enable a structured and easily accessible integration landscape. Organize your IoT connectivity, omni-channel flows, event streams and much more.


Better control of seamless customer experiences

The importance of an omni-channel approach in retail has been magnified in recent years due to the growing expectations among consumers for a seamless shopping experience.

A successful omni-channel strategy requires a coordinated effort across all channels, including in-store, online, mobile, and social media. However, integrating disparate systems and data sources can be challenging. With Starlify, you can gather your whole landscape in one place so you can easily identify gaps and provide a better customer experience.

Simplify customer data management

Many retailers find it challenging to stay compliant with data privacy regulations (GDPR) while at the same being proactive in improving customer experience.

Starlify can help you do both by giving you complete customer data flow insight. By being in control of the customer data, and how it flows across your application network, you will be able to deliver great digital customer experiences - fast.

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