Application Landscape Management

Boost your efficiency and productivity, and work together towards a complete and updated integration landscape.

See what you have

Map out your application network in Starlify, and easily see which services you have and need, and how the data flows.

Manage large ecosystems

Act on the insights you get from having your whole application network documented in one source of truth.

Go from mess to structure

Enable a structured and accessible integration landscape. Organize your IoT connectivity, omnichannel flows, event streams, and more.

Application landscape management

Get the overview

Visualize your data source connections (no matter the tech) in stunning graphs that bring discoverability and insight. Share and collaborate to maximize the outcome.

Organize everything from integrations to people, and see how it's all connected. Find your initiatives faster and make confident decisions.

Application Landscape management

Simplify documentation

Documentation has never been more standardized and fun. Be in control of your integrations and make your stakeholders aware of what you have, how it's built, and who's responsible. Your business will benefit from future-proofed synergy.

Documenting in Starlify also gives you auto-generated sequence diagrams, which can replace any handmade system maps.


Application Landscape management

Support application landscape management

Documenting your application connectivity in Starlify automates diagrams of your application landscape. With this information, you can analyze your application portfolio and compare the current state of your whole landscape with your target state to see where you’re at and how to optimize.

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