Integration Strategy

Plan to combine different systems, processes, or technologies to enable seamless data exchange and functionality between them.


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Map out your application network in Starlify, and easily see which services you have and need, and how the data flows.

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See the entire integration landscape, increase efficiency, avoid bottlenecks and decrease the time to deliver on your projects.

Embrace your legacy

Merge your legacy tech with modern services in your ecosystem. Get the full overview and control - no matter the complexity.

Integration Strategy

Strategic planning

Define your overall goals and objectives for integration in Starlify. Identify the specific systems and tech you'll use, and develop a detailed roadmap for implementing the integration.

Ensure your organization achieves the desired outcome and that integrating different systems is aligned with the overall business strategy.

Integration Strategy

Integration Architecture

Make sure that different systems work seamlessly and efficiently together, and that information is shared and accessed in a consistent and reliable way.

Integration Strategy

Support application landscape management

Create a model that represents the different systems and applications within the organization and the relationships between them. Use it to identify gaps and weaknesses in your integration landscape and to develop plans for improving the capabilities of your organization's systems.

Integration landscape capability modeling can be useful for finding areas where you may need to invest in new tech or processes.

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