The increase in integrations, the difficulties in integrating different systems and processes, and the demand for live-data are some of the major challenges for the logistics industry. 

Why Starlify

Where information is everything

Real-time data control

Get an overview, easy access to large amounts of streaming data flows, and better incident management and flexibility.

Handle large ecosystems

Pave the way for seamless connectivity between all parts of your business - from live data to end-user channels.

Be more flexible

Get in control with self-service abilities that let you adapt quickly to changes, competition, or customer demands.

Break new ground

Get into new markets quickly by having an open, accessible portal for stakeholders, partners, and collaborators.

Organize for success

Enable a structured and easily accessible integration landscape, and organize your IoT connectivity, event streams, and much more.

Deliver on time

Make reliable predictions and identify bottlenecks by having a full control over dependency chains in your integration landscape.


Be competitive with confidence

Starlify gives you a complete overview of your integrated systems and a more comprehensive view of the supply chain, which can help to improve decision-making and identify opportunities for improvements. This makes you more agile, with the ability to respond more quickly to changes in the market and meet the needs of customers and partners. 

Follow your logistic operations live

Starlify brings event streaming with real-time tracking and monitoring to you. Be more proactive and respond to issues before they happen. Identify bottlenecks, optimize routes, improve delivery times, and operate more efficiently in a competitive market. 


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