Distributed Integrations

Empower your business users and developers to create self-on-demand integrations without going through the IT department every, single, time.

Distributed Integrations

Faster integration deliveries across your organization

Enable users to quickly and easily connect and integrate different systems and processes without needing specialized IT resources or support. Free up those resources and let them focus on more strategic projects while maintaining governance and control of the distributed integration landscape.

Collaborate to success

Work seamlessly within and between teams and organizations.

Save time and resources

Shorten your integration development and implementation.

No more bottlenecks

Faster and better integration deliveries across your organization.

Highly scalable

Grow with your integration landscape and organizations ecosystem.

Distributed Integrations

Get it done yourself

Take ownership of integration tasks. Discover all your organization's specific integrations and utilize whatever you need. A distributed integration landscape lets you collaborate and communicate with different developers, teams, and departments within your organization to solve your connectivity and reach your goal.

Avoid information silos

Create your own information marketplace for everyone to discover, consume and produce integrations from. 

Accelerate self-service

Empower your developing teams to integrate self-sufficiently without the inconvenience of going through the integration center.

Faster time-to-market

See the entire integration landscape, increase efficiency, avoid bottlenecks and decrease the time to deliver on your projects.


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Organization Management

See the engagements between your organization and your applications, so that you know who to communicate and collaborate with.

Application Networking

Enable your organization to integrate your systems and applications and create seamless and efficient workflows that support your business processes.

The power of our API

Enjoy the flexibility and power of Starlify's API. Connect existing tech, discover new ones, and build your tailored integration solution. 


Visualize your data source connections in stunning application networks to bring discoverability and insight to your organization.


Boost your efficiency and productivity, and work together towards a complete and updated integration landscape.


Get a high-level overview of your organization and easily discover and access all integration capabilities and resources to make confident decisions.

Start your journey right now

Speed up your digitalization and enable growth with Starlify.