In the rapidly changing automotive industry, digitalization require cooperation to create value in all processes. Starlify is here to help.



Better insight gives more control

Be available for new markets

Outclass your competitors and be the first to reach new markets by having a structured and open application network, easily sourced and connected with.

Embrace your legacy

Merge your legacy tech with modern services in your ecosystem. Get the full overview and control. No matter the complexity.

Be more flexible

Get in control with self-service abilities that let you adapt quickly to changes, competition, or customer demands.

Lower your costs on integrations

With Starlify you will be able to streamline development, reuse services, and to future-proof your integrations which speed up delivery by 10 times.

Deliver on time

Make reliable predictions and identify bottlenecks by having a full control over dependency chains in your integration landscape.

Accelerate self-service

Empower your developing teams to integrate self-sufficiently without the inconvenience of going thorough the integration center.

Openness leads to an empowered developing community

Let your developing community collaborate in a shared application network where everyone can contribute and create synergies. The open, distributed approach allows for results of unmatched speed, innovation power and efficiency.

In addition, you get a frictionless digitalization process with minimal bottlenecks.

A modern solution for companies with heritage

Starlify unlocks the data in your legacy platforms and bridges them with modern technology in your digital ecosystem.

By finding ways of integrating new applications and technologies with existing ones, your business can improve efficiency and optimize your workflows.

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