The requirements within the transport industry are increasing. Control of your integration landscape will be your greatest enabler in facing new challenges.


When agility is everything

Real-time data control

Get an overview, easy access to large amounts of streaming data flows, and better incident management and flexibility.

Handle large ecosystems

Pave the way for seamless connectivity between all parts of your business - from live data to end-user channels.

Be more flexible

Get in control with self-service abilities that let you adapt quickly to changes, competition, or customer demands.

Save money

With better control of your integration landscape, you’ll be able to optimize and increase efficiency for both integration delivery and for support and operations.

Organize for success

Enable a structured and easily accessible integration landscape, and organize your IoT connectivity, event streams, and much more.

Make your services easy to integrate with

Get your services or products into new markets quickly by having an open, accessible portal for parters and clients.


Take control over your data flows

Starlify will give you more control over your data flows. Especially if your have a complex ecosystem with a mix of different data sources like streaming vehicle data, passenger information or stakeholder connections.

Map out your application network and get actionable insights. Plus, our Stargazer agent provides the power of real-time data so you can make proactive decisions.

Speed up!

With Starlify, you get the ability to set clear ownerships of the systems and services in your landscape and to make sure your flows are quality assured. Together with visualization and discoverability of business-critical information flows, you have a great foundation for faster integration delivery.

The result is a more effective roll-out of new systems, and faster implementations through easy access to information.


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