The power of our API

Enjoy the flexibility and power of Starlify's API. Connect existing tech, discover new ones, and build your tailored integration solution. 

Starlify API

Connect the integrations you already use

Discover and build your solution with the power of our API. Create a seamless, integrated experience and connect your existing platforms and portals to Starlify. Let them work together more effectively and collaborate to maintain a single source of truth.

Starlify API

Import data from almost everything and anything that's out there.

Stargazer Kafka

The quickest way to connect to Kafka. Let our agent visualize your clusters in Starlify.

Visualize your tables

Bring new life into your spreadsheets, databases, and open data in the graph.

Get Integrated

Connect to some of the industry's most established integration platforms.

Starlify API

Create new revenue streams

Browse through our API catalog and access and manage most of Starlify's features. Build the solution for your needs to improve functionality and capability, and to find new revenue streams. 

Easy to get started

Use the Starlify API to import your integration metadata from any source, or work code-free to build your landscape.

Stay ahead

Gather all your APIs and integrations in one platform and gain insight into both obstacles and possibilities.

Embrace your legacy

Merge your legacy tech with modern services in your ecosystem. Get the full overview and control - no matter the complexity.


Check out some of the features in Starlify


Visualize your data source connections in stunning application networks to bring discoverability and insight to your organization.


Boost your efficiency and productivity, and work together towards a complete and updated integration landscape.


Get a high-level overview of your organization and easily discover and access all integration capabilities and resources to make confident decisions.

Distributed Integrations

Empower your business users and developers to create self-on-demand integrations without going through the IT department every, single, time

Organization Management

See the engagements between your organization and your applications, so that you know who to communicate and collaborate with.

Application Networking

Enable your organization to integrate your systems and applications and create seamless and efficient workflows that support your business processes.

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