Starlify allows you to oversee and manage all your applications, ensuring seamless data exchange and productivity.

Integration made easy

Empower your developers to integrate self-sufficiently. Starlify is everything they need.

Go faster

Collect all integration assets in Starlify and make it easy for everyone to follow best practices.

Innovate more

With less time spent on integration delivery, you will stop firefighting and start innovating.


Check out some of the features in Starlify


Visualize your data source connections in stunning application networks to bring discoverability and insight to your organization.


Boost your efficiency and productivity, and work together towards a complete and updated integration landscape.


Get a high-level overview of your organization and easily discover and access all integration capabilities and resources to make confident decisions.

Distributed Integrations

Empower your business users and developers to create self-on-demand integrations without going through the IT department every, single, time.

Organization Management

Bring your team together in one shared space. Discover with whom you should communicate and collaborate with in your integration project.

Application Networking

Enable your organization to integrate your systems and applications and create seamless and efficient workflows that support your business processes.

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This is starlify

A collaboration platform that will accelerate your integration delivery

Starlify visualizes the dependencies within your integration ecosystem and acts as a tool to drive change across your organization. With better insights, you can increase the pace of digitalization and focus on what really matters.

Take your organization from a centralized to a distributed integration landscape where collaboration is the key to business success. Starlify empowers you to lead the future of integrations and helps your digital ecosystem thrive.

Seeing is believing

Visualize your integration landscape to discover dependencies.

Boost collaboration

Improve the information sharing in your organization and reduce duplication and redundancy.

Greater flexibility

Respond quickly to changes and disruptions and act when needed.

Highly scalable

Grow with your integration landscape and organization's ecosystem.

This is Starlify

Get the power of visual perspective in your organization

Startlify lets you visualize everything from integrations to people and see how it's all connected. When you know the current state of your integration landscape - you can take action based on the knowledge and collaborate towards a target state.

Let everyone follow your initiatives, regardless of department or knowledge about your IT environment.

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