Release Notes

Release notes - January 2024: Cluster Sort and Compliant Cloud

Feb 5, 2024 1:53:59 PM

It's time for the first release in 2024! This one is packed with new features, bug fixes, and UI changes. We really hope you like what you get with this one.

New features ✌️

Cluster Sort (BETA)

We're particularly proud of this one! This feature sorts your networks and lets you see how they're connected. Move up a level and get insights into how information and connections flow throughout your application landscape.  

Cluster sort is still under development. If you find any bugs, please let us know.

Cluster sort for Starlify

Node Formation - Improved Access

We've added a small tooltip to remind you to save your node formations for later. Finally, it's easier than ever to save your formations. 

Improved tooltip bar for node formations

Compliant Cloud for the Public Sector

Starlify is now available for the public sector through a compliant cloud solution via Cleura. All in line with recommendations from SKR (Swedish Associations of Local Authorities and Regions). This is truly a game-changer for the public sector. 


With Starlify, you can:

  • Get an advantage in public procurement. Finally, you can see and understand exactly what you need to change or do to complete your IT projects.
  • See how GDPR data (and other valuable information) flows through your application landscape.
  • Get a shared current state of your application landscape.
  • Get governance and control over your systems, partners, and IT suppliers. 
  • Find the hidden APIs you need to secure.
  • Re-use existing solutions and save time and resources.
  • Collaborate and come together as a team.
  • Keep documentation in one shared and accessible place.

Read the news or go to to find out more. 

Bubble Graph - Center of the Universe

This is a treat for all of you who use the bubble graph daily. Right-click and set a bubble as the center of the universe, just as you would in the Force-directed view. Et voilà, it works! 

 Center of the universe for the bubble graph

Coming Soon 🚀

We keep pushing for new and improved features and aim to give you an even better experience. There are some nice features coming up! 

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