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Release notes - June 2024: Custom Attributes... again!

Jun 26, 2024 2:07:44 PM

In the last release, we left you with a promise to keep improving Custom Attributes. So we sat down, put our heads together, and now we're ready to release it! 

New features ✌️

New GUI for Custom Attributes

Our Custom Attributes feature was hard to find—hidden deep beneath the mountain in Moria. But not anymore! We brought it to the surface and put it right where it belongs—with the rest of our main features. We built a whole new GUI that's easier to work with. We also packed it with some minor fixes and features:

  • Color picker with HEX to let you choose a preferred color
  • Drag-and-drop sorting list to quickly reorder your Custom Attributes the way you want it
  • Choose a default for your attributes
  • Checkboxes with various defaults
  • Rename your Custom Attributes 

Be sure to try it out and use it. It takes your Starlify experience to a whole new level!


Coming Soon 🚀

We keep pushing for new and improved features and aim to give you an even better experience. Some nice features are coming up! 

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