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Release notes - March 2024: Custom Connector

Mar 12, 2024 4:13:31 PM

Phew, it's been a couple of hard-coding weeks, and we hope you're doing alright out there. It's finally time for our second release this year, and it's all about connecting things. Let's dive in! 

New features ✌️

Custom Connector

It's here, our improved connector! Data and information are key to working in Starlify, and the more information you have, the better the experience. We decided to upgrade and improve how you bring information from your existing platforms into Starlify. This first release allows you to connect almost anything through our new SDK. The SDK lets you connect and import systems, services, and references to Starlify. We aim to bring you even more things in the near future. 

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Coming Soon 🚀

We keep pushing for new and improved features and aim to give you an even better experience. Some nice features are coming up! 

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