Starlify is a part of Keolis' project to modernize bus travel in Stockholm, scope the digital landscape, and organize the constant flow of information.
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Bus travels per year in Greater Stockholm area

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Messages sent throughout the application network


Platform for total overview and control

Starlify assists the future of bus travel

Keolis Sweden is a public transport operator committed to sustainable mobility solutions. Keolis launched a major project known as TrafikIT 2022. The project aimed to meet new high-reaching requirements for efficiency and traveler experience in public transport in Stockholm and Gothenburg. To meet these requirements, Keolis needed an integration solution. A solution that ensures seamless connectivity between the bus, the transport administration, and the client.

The project involved many stakeholders and required the integration of multiple IT systems. Success depended on ensuring that all stakeholders understood the interconnections between these systems. Timely and reliable access to project status and system information was essential. And a continuous flow of information between each system and IoTs without downtime. 

Jan Persson, Delivery Manager, stressed the project's complexity: 
"The TrafikIT 2022 project is very ambitious and complex. We need a clear overview of the project and its parts to succeed. We also need to be able to follow the progress and be able to quickly and easily identify any problems that arise."

Keolis turned to Starlify to streamline the integration landscape for the project. Starlify was vital in creating a clear picture. It simplified how different services connect and how information flows throughout the system. Given the project's reliance on event streaming data, APIs, and IoT connectivity, Starlify was the portal for insights. It also acted as a meeting point where IT professionals and stakeholders gained visibility into the project.

"Starlify is an important enabler for the project as a whole.", says Olof Norell, Integration Delivery Manager.

With improved visibility and streamlined integration, Keolis is well-prepared to continue contributing to a sustainable society through efficient, traveler-centric mobility solutions. 

Why Starlify

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